Answers to some of the common questions we get asked about our popular nursery in Banbury.

Yes. Registration number is EY556105

8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year.

We offer a range of sessions throughout the day, please contact us for more information.

The Close Nursery Opco Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company no. 10987556.

Nursery Manager Lorraine Wetherill works full time in the setting.

We have three interconnecting rooms all of which open onto the garden area.

The baby room (0 to 2 years) takes a maximum of 9 children with three staff members.

The middle room (2 to 3 years) can take up to 14 children with four staff members.

The big room (3 years to pre-school) can take up to 32 children with four staff members.

We operate a system of free settling in visits where we suggest that you accompany your child, show them round but then let them play freely, remaining on site but out of view, seeing how your child reacts.
Further visits can be arranged with the room leader where you leave your child for a short time so that they become aware that you are returning.  Settling in visits can be done on any day; they do not necessarily have to be on a day that you have booked.

We have a wealth of experience in settling children which tells us that if your child is upset it is better to hand them over to a member of staff and leave. The longer this process takes the longer the child will be upset. We can say with confidence and experience, most children will have settled down by the time their parents have reached the gate. We will phone you to let you know how they have settled, to reassure you and to allow you to enjoy the rest of your day. We also contact you if there is a continuing problem and feel that you are needed. We can take photos of your child playing or interacting with others to reassure you and send you these in an email.

We have a fairly set but flexible routine which includes play, one to one or teacher led activities, snack, outside play and lunch. This is a very brief outline but more detailed information can be found in each of the rooms of each activity in each area of the rooms.

In the baby room each child has a daily diary which we provide, and which goes home each day. In it we ask parents to give us an idea of a typical day and then we will feedback as to the main points of their day i.e. how much food they ate, how long they slept and what they have done during the day. In each of the rooms there is always a member of staff on hand to say how the day has gone and to speak with you if we need to bring anything to your attention.

In the baby room this will be noted in their daily diaries. For the other rooms anything significant which has not been eaten at lunch time will be placed in their lunch box and returned home. Mid -session snacks are provided in the middle and big rooms and a full list for the week is on the information board in your room. Please note no nuts will be given to children at any time.

We fully understand and respect all wishes of parents when it comes to what can and cannot be given to your child. On display for all to be aware is a list of allergies so that we can make sure children are not given something which they may have an allergic reaction to. Equally if you have a specific dietary requirement, for example on religious grounds, then you can rest assured that we will respect that wish at all times.

All staff members have a current paediatric first aid certificate, all incidents are dealt with accordingly. If the injury is the head area then we will telephone you at once and discuss whether or not you can collect them to go home or to the doctor. In any event the accident will be recorded and witnessed and upon arrival explanation will be given to you or your representative who will be asked to sign to say they understand what has occurred. A copy will then be given to you.
Major accidents will be dealt with by telephoning for an ambulance straight away and a staff member will accompany the child to hospital. You will be telephoned immediately.

We have an obligation to always operate within guidelines laid down by OFSTED as to staff-child ratios. We always work to these guidelines. Lorraine  is usually on hand to assist, and we have cover staff on hand to call upon as well. We do not count students and work experience students in our ratios.

We do ask that parents consent to staff taking children outside nursery typically for short walks to the park, to the local library or museum or into town to see the boats or the shops lit up at Christmas. We will never put children onto any form of transport or onto any fairground rides.

All exits are double gated and the perimeter is in good order. The gates are locked during the day and we have installed a video access system which allows staff to monitor who can enter the setting between 8am-6pm.  Students and visitors are not allowed to open the gates in case the person is unknown.


Please telephone the nursery and let us know why they are not coming in. This helps us to monitor any outbreak and let others be aware if similar symptoms occur. You should seek appropriate medical advice but your child should not return to nursery until they are properly recovered. I.e. in the case of chicken pox until all spots are scabbed over, or in the case of sickness or diarrhoea not for at least 48 hours after the last time they were ill.

Yes we can, but only if the child has recovered sufficiently to be at nursery. If you wish medicine to be given then you must fill in a medical consent form, whereupon one member of staff will give the medication and one will witness it. You will then be asked to sign to say you understand what was administered and when.

You will be invoiced monthly in advance and be required to pay in full by the end of the first full week of the month it is due. We accept various forms of payment including cash, cheques and internet transfer. We also accept various voucher payments details of which can be discussed with Lorraine.  If at any time you need to discuss alternative payment arrangements please speak with Lorraine.

Full fees are always payable whether or not your child attends. For full time, 50 weeks a year children, we allow up to 4 weeks equivalent holiday at half the usual fee – providing 4 weeks written notice is given.

In the baby room we have six wooden cots and three  travel cots. Each child has their own sheets and blanket which we launder regularly. In the middle room we have several breathable small off the floor beds and again their own bed linen. We can also pop children on the sofa or in a cosy area, if we feel they may need to rest. Please note that if you wish your child to only have a certain amount of sleep please feel free to discuss this with the room supervisor. 

Whilst they all have their own rooms we frequently come together especially outside. We also have group singing time and sometimes this will be alternated between rooms. Staff that are familiar to the children always accompany them so that they feel safe.

Yes we do and a copy of these can be viewed at any time. They are located in the main nursery office.

Yes all of them. The students that we have are also largely DBS checked but in every case they are not allowed to be left on their own with any children or assist them with toileting or nappy changing unless supervised. They may help with hand washing.

All personal details are kept securely on our database and details are never shared between clients. If a parent wishes to contact another they may leave a handwritten note which will be passed on. Other details such as a phone number will only be given if express permission has been sought first.

Part of our remit is to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. We begin this process as soon as your child enters the nursery, no matter what age they are. We produce an individual folder for each child which belongs to you as parents. It usually remains in the nursery but you may ask to see it at any time. In the folder there will be assessments at various intervals that indicate your child’s progress across the seven main areas of learning.  Children are regularly observed and assessed and the results are used to inform our planning so that we can extend a child’s learning. We will gather evidence of work by the children and complete photographs to illustrate what they can do and what they have achieved. We developmentally track children termly and compile a list of targets which are sent home.

Each year usually in May/June, we hold parents evenings when you are invited to come into nursery and discuss your child’s progress. However you may ask to chat to your child’s key worker at any time and we will be very pleased to tell you about their day when you come in to collect your child.

Yes we can. We have a five star hygiene rating from Cherwell District Council, which covers us to store, reheat and serve food correctly. We are required to reheat all foods to a minimum of 75°C and then leave it to cool to be safe to be given to the child. The only exception is food such as baked beans or tinned spaghetti which contains no protein. 

A packed lunch should be brought in for your child contained in a clearly marked (i.e. the child’s name) lunch bag. These are placed in the fridge and only removed just prior to lunch time (11.45 to 1pm )  All food should be placed in plastic containers from which the child can eat directly. This minimises the need for anyone to handle the food and so reduces the risk of cross contamination. Food to be reheated should also come ready inside a microwave proof container. Staff are on hand to help at lunch time, but the easier you make it the more independent your child will become.