Our Philosophy

Close Day Nursery is a family run nursery and pre-school. We firmly believe that what we do every day really matters.

Our responsibility.

Research now very clearly tells us that the early experiences children have – while they are in our care – will shape ‘who’ they are and who they will be in the future. We guide and support their development in every way and can play a massive role in supporting parents and families too. Now that’s some responsibility but it’s also a huge privilege.

At Close Day Nursery we are all passionate about what we do and relish this special responsibility…to maximise opportunities to teach and love and embrace the challenges ahead – to provide rich, playful experiences for every child. Every day can be an adventure with learning opportunities for all of us including the children in our care.

Our vision.

To be the most trusted independent nursery and pre-school in Oxfordshire.

We strive to be the childcare provider of choice for parents and guardians in Banbury and surrounding areas.

Our commitment.

To provide the perfect start for your little ones.

To offer a flexible and reliable service for parents and guardians.

To delivering outstanding care and education for children, across the seven main areas of learning and development:

  • Communication & Language
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Playing is Learning

Little ones need to explore, find their feet, make mistakes and be surprised and delighted by new experiences which are integral to their future development.

Throwing, squeezing, squishing, scribbling, pointing, dropping, watching, mixing, babbling and then learning to speak, pretending, imagining and sharing things! – it’s all part of the learning process.

Making friends and having a few disputes along the way is all part of the journey.


All of us reflect from time to time on our own childhood where we had the freedom to explore and create our own little world…

A wall covered in chalk squiggles, a flower pot stuffed with twigs and surrounded by mud, an upside-down cardboard box, paper covered in sticky finger marks…

Being able to express themselves in lots of different ways will help the little ones flourish so don’t be surprised if baking lessons become a messy and interactive affair resulting in a rather unusual looking cookie being sent home – we will however do our best to clean the chicks up before they are picked up!


Sploshing through puddles, digging for worms, climbing up steps, crawling through tunnels, exploring a book, visits to the local shops and parks or simply posting a letter home….

Encouraging a spirit of adventure in everything we do inspires our children to ask questions about life and the world around us.


Our nursery is a home from home and there are plenty of cuddles to be had. Under the gaze or perched on the hip of our attentive and caring staff, little ones feel secure and happy.

It’s not just the little ones that need cuddles – there may be the odd tear from parents especially at the beginning. We understand this and most of management, led by Lorraine, are already parents so rest assured we will guide you through what might be a slightly bumpy start.


We promote an anti-discriminatory environment where every child‘s voice will be heard. All children are valued, respected and treated with love and careful attention to their health and safety.