Middle Room
(2-3 years)

In our Middle Room, children are offered a wide range of activities to stimulate their minds and keep their little bodies active.

We take great pride in our friendly, nurturing and happy Middle Room.
You child will need a rucksack with the following: Two sets of spare clothes / a hat, gloves and scarf in winter/ sunhat and sun cream in summer/ a rain coat for all weathers/ wellington boots -these can left at nursery. If your child is in nappies, we request that you either pack a few in their bag each session, or bring a pack in to keep here. Please pack any dummies or comforters your child may need.
We provide breakfast between 08:00 – 08:30, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and a light tea at 17:00pm. We offer a variety of breakfast cereals, toast or porridge. Snacks vary each day but may include; fresh fruit, cheese, cracker and fresh vegetables or warm tomato soup. An example of our light tea; a small portion of scrambled egg with toast, a yoghurt and fresh fruit. A visual snack list is available to view on the parents notice board in each room.
We will fulfil any dietary requirements, as per highlighted on registration form when your child starts. If there are any changes to your child’s dietary requirements during their time at nursery please notify us of these changes in writing.
We ask that each child brings their own water bottle, which can be left at nursery, this will be filled with water each day and put in an accessible place for children to freely access. We also provide milk at morning and afternoon snack times.
Children have many opportunities to go outside through-out the day, we offer free flow where children can choose to carry out activities either inside or outside and we also have a set outdoor play time after snack.
We have years of experience with potty training, excellent information leaflets for parents and wonderful books for children – we encourage children to sit on the potty during nappy changes. If you are looking to potty train your child, please speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to guide you.
Officially we can have 14 children in Middle Room, with a ratio of 1:4.
Every child has their own key person; however, we feel that it is important that children build relationships with all staff working in the room with them.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum – Click Here to Read

During their time in this room the children will be observed, photographs taken and work kept for their profiles. We track children’s development 3 times a year, and from this form next steps to their learning – we also send home nursery targets so that you as parents can be involved in your child’s nursery development too. All of this evidence builds up during their time at nursery and forms a basis for their foundation stage profile which is ongoing though their child’s pre-school life. This file can be seen at any time and discussed with your child’s key worker at any time.

A Typical Day in our Middle Room

Children begin to arrive from 08:00 and sit together during breakfast. At 09:00am we start the session by sitting together, completing registration and talking about the day’s activities. From 09.15 is free-flow play and adult led activities. Children are invited to choose items or toys to play with inside, or outside.

At 10:30 we provide a mid-session snack which changes from day to day, this is a great time for socialising around a table, something with all of the staff are keen to promote. We do not allow children to walk around with food or drink; they are required to sit down when it is eating time. We always adhere to parental wishes when it comes to dietary requirements.

When snack time is over children sit as a group and listen to a story of their choice, this is a special time when wonderment and intrigue starts to creep in. There are many favourites, and the children love joining in with words or actions. A true favourite is ‘There’s a dinosaur in my book’.

After story we put on our coats and wellies (or sun cream and sun hats) and go outside to play. The main door leads directly onto the playground where the children can run around on the safety surface safe in the knowledge they won’t get hurt if they fall over or fall off the climbing frame. The garden has many areas to explore including a large sand pit with a vast array of digging and building equipment, and mud kitchen and a covered outdoor classroom. There is also a large grassed area which can be used for football or picnics etc. The playground is also a great space in which to ride bikes or balance on stilts or take a ride on our roller coaster.

After outside play we come inside and sit as a group to sing songs or play cooperative games. This is a great time to relax and wind down prior to lunch time.

At midday it is time for lunch and those children who are not staying will be collected and go home. All the others will lunch together. We provide lunch time supervision at this time but all food is provided by the parents.

Lunch time ends at 13.00 and for those who wish to have a nap can rest on beds in the baby room. The morning routine is then repeated in the afternoon. For many children 16.00 hrs is home time, but for full time children this is any time up to 18.00 hrs. For children staying after 17:00 we provide a light tea.

Meet the Middle Room Team


    Early Years Practitioner (5 days a week, Term time only)

  • Joelle

    Middle Room Leader (Full Time)

  • Molly

    Early Years Practitioner (Full Time)


Early Years Practitioner (5 days a week, Term time only)

Adla has been part of the Close Day Nursery team since 2022, she began her time with us as a student completing her Level 3 Qualification. She currently works in the Middle Room as a Key Worker, where she provides a fun learning environment, planning specific activities to ensure all children are making good developmental progress whilst having lots of fun.


Level 3 Childcare
First Aid
Prevent Duty


Middle Room Leader (Full Time)

Jo has a Level 3 Qualification, and over 8 years nursery experience, starting her role at The Close Day Nursery in 2020. Jo is the Middle Room Leader, where she supports staff to create a stimulating environment for children to learn, she plans exciting and engaging activities ensuring that all are differentiated to take account of children’s individual interests, needs and level of learning. She ensures that positive relationships are built between all staff, parents and children, offering support, guidance and care to all.


Level 3 Childcare
WRAP Prevent Duty
First Aid Trained


Early Years Practitioner (Full Time)

Molly has worked at The Close Day Nursery since 2021, she has a Level 3 Qualification and a Early Childhood Studies Degree. She currently works in the Middle Room as a Key Worker, where she provides a fun learning environment, planning specific activities to ensure all children are making good developmental progress whilst having lots of fun.


Level 3 Childcare & Early Childhood Studies Degree
First Aid Trained
Prevent Duty Trained